Calyx at the Brooklyn Law School "Legal Hackathon"

BLIP Legal Hackathon Please join us on Sunday, April 15th, 2012 at Brooklyn Law School's Legal Hackathon The Calyx Institute is presenting its concept for a modular model privacy policy for Internet Service Providers, Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors, and Telecommunications providers. Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University recently published a paper suggesting that reading all of the privacy policies an average Internet user encounters in a year would take 76 work days. The tidal wave of privacy policies is already out of control. Even more disturbing is that as the Internet becomes more and more pervasive in our personal lives, in the political realm and in business, this problem will only get worse. Obviously few people (if any) can dedicate one out of every five days to studying privacy policies. Therefore, what is happening is that consumers are "agreeing" to terms that they didn't have time to read, which leads to disappointment and disagreements down the road when the policies actually come into play. The concept of Calyx's project is to codify typical clauses of privacy policies into graphical icons, in the manner that Creative Commons does with copyright licenses. A service provider would be able to codify its essential privacy policy terms into a set of easy to understand icons that a typical Internet user would find much easier to understand than a long text document full of legalese. We hope that by simplifying privacy policies into an easily digestible form, that it will strengthen the consumer's control over their personal data.