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Coverage Map

Coverage Map

Check where mobile hotspot connectivity is available

Testing for signal strength

Our hotspots connect to T-Mobile's domestic LTE network and roam to Sprint when T-Mobile is not available, so a good first step is to check the coverage in your area is by visiting T-Mobile's interactive coverage map below. It's also a good idea to give T Mobile a call for an up-to-date, personalized coverage assessment here: 1-800-937-8997.

The map below gives very rough estimation of the availability of a 4G or 5G carrier signal. It is very possible to be in an area of "good coverage" and experience a very wide range of actual signal and speed depending on your exact location with respect to the cell tower and local network congestion.

By far the best strategy is to find a friend with a hotspot or cell phone with service on the T-Mobile network. Whatever speed they achieve on their device is a good indication of what speed you will have on your device.

You can also look up the location of the nearest T-Mobile cell tower with one of these applications:

  • Cellmapper: offers the most detailed information on cell towers, although the interface is confusing to use.

What if I have low signal strength?

We have no control over the signal strength and how fast your internet speed will be. Your results will vary depending on where you attempt to connect, how close you are to the nearest T-Mobile tower, and network conditions.

It is your responsibility to check T-Mobile's coverage map for your area, and if possible to test with someone else's mobile device to see if signal quality is acceptable to you before you join Calyx Institute. Also please be aware that our terms of service, which must be agreed to in order to become a member, says that we cannot be held responsible for where T-Mobile has coverage and where it doesn't.

Is there coverage in my area?

Check your local coverage by visiting T-Mobile’s Network Map website:

Important things to keep in mind:

  • US Only: Calyx internet service only works in the US. There is no coverage in Canada or Mexico for our hotspots, despite what the map shows.
  • No Partners Coverage: Calyx internet service only works with Sprint or T-Mobile towers. Areas that are marked as covered by "Partners" (with diagonal hash marks) are actually provided by different carriers and will not work with our hotspots.

T-Mobile network map detail

Will it be fast?

It depends!

4G Speeds: In practice, 4G is rarely above 40mbps, but it can vary widely by location, time of day, and local congestion. The maximum speed a member has reported with a 4G device (and a MIMO antenna) is 100mbps. It is not uncommon to get 10mbps.

5G Speeds: If you live in an urban environment with good 5G coverage, many members report download speed of over 300mbps. However, there is no guarentee you will get this kind of speed and there are a lot of factors that can influence the speed, including obstructions between you and the tower and the congestion on the local carrier network. It is also possible to get 30mbps and below, or no signal at all in a rural area.