Human Rights Day : Please Support The Calyx Institute's Work

A message and an appeal from Calyx's Executive Director, Nicholas Merrill
Human Rights Day
December 10, 2015

"No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence..."
-The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Now, for the first time in over eleven years - more than a quarter of my life - I can finally speak freely about my experience being conscripted into the FBI’s surveillance machine.

You may have seen coverage of the revelations in the news last week:


Shutdown of Wimax Network

We are sad to announce that due to circumstances beyond our control, the Wimax network we have been offering to our members is shutting down around the first week of November. This means that if you are using network services you received from your Calyx membership that you will lose connectivity at that time.

The back story is that we were getting the access through a company called Clear, and that company was bought by Sprint who then made a decision to use the radio frequency from the Wimax network for its 4G/LTE data service.

However, Sprint has been unable to transition our user base to the 4G/LTE network quickly enough to avoid an interruption in service.

Therefore if you want to remain online, you need to find other arrangements for your Internet connectivity.

We hope to be able to begin delivering 4G/LTE data service to our members as a membership benefit at some time in the future though we can't say exactly when that will happen or exactly...view

Federal Court Invalidates 11-Year-old FBI gag order on National Security Letter recipient Nicholas Merrill

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 14, 2015
CONTACT: Debra Kroszner
(203) 432-1053


Court Rules There Is “No Good Reason” To Prohibit Merrill from Describing the Array of Private Information that the FBI Sweeps Up Using NSLs

NEW HAVEN, CT – A federal district court has ordered the FBI to lift an eleven-year- old gag order imposed on Nicholas Merrill forbidding him from speaking about a National Security Letter (“NSL”) that the FBI served on him in 2004. The ruling marks the first time that an NSL gag order has been lifted in full since the PATRIOT Act vastly expanded the scope of the FBI’s NSL authority in 2001. Mr. Merrill, the executive director of the Calyx Institute, is represented by law students and supervising attorneys of the Media Freedom and Information...view