Announcement about ZTE Warp Connect Hotspots and Contributor Memberships

We have temporarily disabled 'Contributor' and 'Sustainer' memberships because of a lack of stock in ZTE Warp Connect hotspots. We are still offering memberships but now we only have one choice of hotspot instead of two.

Mobile Citizen has recently reported to us that they have seen a rise in the number of device returns for the ZTE Warp Connect hotspot. As reported, the most common problem has been the battery becoming swollen, which results in an inoperable device. Mobile Citizen has also informed us that in a limited number of instances, there have been reports that some hotspots have caught on fire.

Although Mobile Citizen does not know the specific cause they have notified their provider, Sprint, about this issue, and intend to work with Sprint to address this issue. Mobile Citizen has also informed the Consumer Product Safety Commission of these reports. We have not been notified of a recall as of the date of this statement, May 8th, 2018.

Please review the product insert to ensure that the device is used properly. This information is also made available online at:

If you have any concerns about a malfunctioning ZTE Warp Connect obtained from The Calyx Institute, please call Mobile Citizen at (877) 216-9603 during business hours in the Mountain time zone. Mobile Citizen provides technical and warranty support on the hotspots. Press 1, then press 1 again. If your call isn’t answered right away, leave a message and Mobile Citizen will call you back as soon as they’re able.

If you need any assistance from us because Mobile Citizen is not helping or for any other reason, as always, please email us at