We're improving the CalyxVPN

Here at the Calyx Institute, we don’t believe in letting censors block internet traffic. We’re excited to announce that we’ve received a grant from Internews to help users keep their internet traffic safe by including Pluggable Transports technology into our free CalyxVPN. Help keep your internet traffic safe from censors! Donate to the Calyx Institute so we can keep upgrading the tools we make available for free to everyone on the internet.

As the most recent Freedom on the Net report shows, over half of internet users live in countries that censor political, social, or religious content. The Calyx Institute helps internet users avoid censorship with CalyxVPN, our free Virtual Private Network (VPN). We enable access to the free flow of information that helps journalists, human rights defenders, and internet users like you share information that makes the world a better place. Right now, censors can shut down any traffic that’s protected by a VPN by using deep packet inspection (DPI) to analyze internet traffic and identify it as VPN. Pluggable Transports hide your traffic routed through a VPN by making it look just like approved traffic, or like nothing at all.

Thanks to a grant from Internews, we’ll be working with the Bitmask developers at LEAP Encryption Access Project to introduce Pluggable Transports into our free VPN service. Soon, VPNs that use the Bitmask client, including CalyxVPN, will be equipped to hide your internet traffic with Pluggable Transports for an added layer of protection. You can read more about Pluggable Transports here.