Support the Calyx Institute's mission with your PayPal and eBay sales

Make money, do good! If you are a seller who uses PayPal or eBay to process transactions, you can donate a portion of your item's final sale price to the Calyx Institute to help us keep fighting for a free and accessible internet. Click the links below to learn more!
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The 2019 Internet Freedom Festival! April 1-5 in Valencia, Spain

The Calyx Institute is proud to be a 2019 Internet Freedom Festival Partner! We've provided $2,500 in support for travel grants for educators and trainers who will further Calyx's mission of educating the public about cybersecurity and personal privacy online. You can find us at the Festival at the Expo in La Plaza room throughout the week talking about our work. Read more here:


Your Donations at Work: Tor Nodes!

If you like online privacy, you'll love! Tor protects you by bouncing your online communications around a distributed network of nodes run by volunteers all around the world, so your activity can't be tracked. The Calyx Institute runs 14 nodes in Tor's network, all made possible by the generous support of our members! To check out how much traffic is running through our Tor nodes, click here: