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I have found a secret tunnel that runs underneath the phone companies and emerges in paradise

Boing Boing
By CORY DOCTOROW / Boing Boing / 12:05 PM THU SEP 22, 2016

Calyx is a famous, heroic, radical ISP that has been involved in groundbreaking litigation -- they were ... more

Canary Watch keeps an eye out for secret government requests for your data

A new site,, collects transparency reports from across the web and publishes them in one place.

... more

What It’s Like to Fight a National Security Letter

by Jennifer Valentino-DeVries The Wall Street Journal July 17th, 2012 The saga of Nicholas Merrill’s fight with the U.S. Justice Department began in 2004 with a strange phone call. “They just said this is so-and-so from the FBI and we’re going to send somebody by with a letter,” says Mr. Merrill, the founder... more