The Calyx Institute: Who We Are and What We Do

The Calyx Institute is a technology non-profit with the mission of developing, testing and distributing free privacy software, as well as working to bridge the digital divide.

The Calyx Institute is entirely member supported. Thanks to our members, we can develop cutting-edge Internet privacy services and make them widely available for free! Like a calyx opens to support a flower in bloom, our goal is to continue and expand, creating a more robust and self-sustaining organization dedicated to online privacy, security and accessibility issues.

Currently, we offer free VPN service at based on the incredibly ambitious LEAP open source project. Thanks to your support, we now plan to expand that offering to include their cloud-based client encrypted email solution as well.

Our Jabber instant messaging service began as an experiment, but surprised us all by growing into a very popular service with over 150,000 registered accounts! Find out more at

We host many Tor exit nodes that provide hundreds of megabits per second of Internet freedom to the Tor Project’s network. Thanks to the groundswell of support we are experiencing, we have been able to upgrade Calyx’s network from 1Gbit to 10Gbit! Tor is a lifeline for Internet freedom, especially in countries where government censorship is an issue. To learn more, visit