It's Almost Our 5th Birthday -- Support The Calyx Institute Fund Drive

Trevor Timm

"The Calyx Institute is a fantastic non-profit organization that puts the privacy of its users first.  Their work has been so valuable to us at the Freedom of the Press Foundation, and we use their tools often.  They are one of the few organizations that I can unequivocally say are both worthy and in need of support"

-Trevor Timm, Executive Director, Freedom of the Press Foundation


The Calyx Institute has been operating for five years on a shoe-string budget.   Unlike some other projects, we don't have large government or foundation grants - we rely primarily on the donations of people like you to keep the organization afloat.

We have a lot of interesting projects lined up that need funding in order to be realized, and we also want to do more of what we have been doing for the past several years.  For instance we recently received a donation of dozens of servers and some very expensive network switches that we want to use but we don't have the funds to expand our data center space to house them.

This is why we have launched a fundraiser & membership drive to raise money for our upcoming fiscal year.